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  1. The census is divided into crop types. Within each crop type, the search is composed of the varieties documented during the last census. Each variety includes: variety name, followed by synonyms in parentheses if applicable; variety description; source history (# of vendors documented in each of the five censuses); and vendor information.
  2. The search defaults to the most recent census. To include past census data, select the "Include Historical Varieties" checkbox.
  3. At the top of each crop type page is a list of dropped varieties. These are varieties documented in prior censuses but absent in the 2015 census. They are listed by name, alphabetically, with the year dropped in parentheses. The year dropped is the first census where the variety did not appear. For example, if a variety was documented in the 1988 census but not in 1992 or thereafter, then the drop year is 1992.
  4. SSE is still in the process editing the Seed Trade Census portion of this site, so some incomplete information is possible.